How to clean your appliances

How to clean your appliances

Kitchen appliances should be cleaned thoroughly inside and out at least twice a year to keep dirt and bacteria under control. Below are some of my suggestions, but always contact your users manual for the manufacturers recommended ways to clean your appliances, inside and out.


Remove all food from the refrigerator and sort it through. Dispose of all food and almost empty food containers.

Now that the fridge is empty, remove the drawers and shelves. Be careful when handling glass vials, especially with wet hands. Wash the shelves and drawers with a mixture of mild soap, lukewarm water and a small amount of coke powder. Baking soda helps to dissolve grease and dirt and remove odors.

Wipe the fridge and freezer before placing the shelves, drawers and food in the same way that you used to clean the shelves.


Place a coffee cup filled with vinegar in the dishwasher and run it through a complete bicycle, using the hottest water setting available. If your dishwasher still does not smell right, try it here: Sprinkle a cup of soda around the bottom of the bathtub and drive it again through a complete bike with the hottest water. If your dishwasher has a filter at the bottom, pull it out, rinse it and clean it thoroughly.

Finally wipe the outside of the dishwasher with a mild detergent. And do not forget to clean the upper, lower and side edges of the door.

Microwave oven

Remove the glass from the microwave and wash it by hand or in the dishwasher. Wipe the inside of the microwave with a mild detergent, general detergent or mild soda solution.

If there is build up dirt and you have difficulty removing, try placing a microwave dish with 1 cup of water and

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