High Resolution Paper Backgrounds Collection


An outstanding collection of 60 unique paper backgrounds, in high resolution (1181 x 1654 pixels) image files. Each image shows a different type of paper that can be use in as a background in your favorite layout software. These images are delivered in high-resolution RGB color JPEG files. This collection is compatible with any graphics software, running on any operating system, that can open high resolution JPEG files in RGB color format.

Great texture detail

Plus, three different paper effects for each texture

Each different paper texture comes in four "flavors". The plain texture plus three different folding effects for a total of 60 high resolution backgrounds. The image below shows the three different effects applied to three different paper textures.

Paper Backgrounds Complete Gallery

The following images are a low resolution sample of each available texture in its "plain" format, without the folding effects mentioned above.


Download The Entire Paper Backgrounds Collection


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